About Us


Tonnete Sweet Vine

Tonnette Collier, M.Ed. is Sweet Vine’s Founder/Executive Director. Just as a plant rooted in solid soil will grow strong and provide sustaining life for a lifetime, this too applies to the bases of Sweet Vine Inc. Outreach & Prevention Services located in the heart of Homestead/Florida City.

Sweet Vine Incorporated is a United States federally identified 501(c) 3, not for profit community-based organization that reaches out to youth & parents in Deep South Miami-Dade County, Florida. Sweet Vine provides educational programs promoting community unity, good conduct & manners and academic excellence and social-exposure.

It all started with God. Collier’s vision became reality in 1999. Her mission to encourage, empower, engage and support youth of all ethnicities. And in working hand in hand with funders, community leaders, businesses, churches, avid supporters and individuals alike – her dream has become true. Over the years, Sweet Vine has and continues to thrive by providing quality services for thousands of youth in Miami-Dade County.

Funded in part by The Children’s Trust, Miami-Dade County, Macy’s, foundations and individual contributors, Sweet Vine is determined now more than ever to sow seeds of autonomy into tomorrow’s leaders today!