Boys²Men Mentoring

Focuses on good moral character, self-esteem, positive relations and mentoring amongst elementary, middle and high school students. Participants engage in fitness, workshops, building items, rap sessions, field trips, mentoring with community leaders, college students and church officials. Meets monthly, 3 hours. Ages 5-18.

Young Girls Facing Their Future

Mission is to empower young women and girls with the tools to become independent, productive, and positive contributor to today’s society. Boosting morale, improving self-image and building self-esteem are activities guiding young girls a long a conscientious path of self-awareness and self-acceptance. Meets monthly, 3 hours. Ages 5-18.


Federal Book Inspectors

Reading initiative promotes literacy, comprehension and increasing vocabulary. Low income participants without access to the internet are encouraged to collect books and build mini-library at home. This project started three years ago under Sweet Vine’s Thirsty for Words Literacy Crusade. Meets quarterly as books become available. Ages 5-18.

Sweet Vine 4H

Under the auspices of University of Florida and Miami Dade County Cooperative Extension Services is the nation’s largest youth development organization. This club fosters an innovative, “learn by doing” approach with proven results. This club is designed to shape future leaders and innovators in the areas of science, citizenship and healthy living. Youth are taught to work collaboratively, take lead on their own projects and set and achieve goals with confidence. Meets monthly, 1 hour. Ages 5-18.


Multicultural Youth

Primary objective is learning about various cultures, history, heritages, languages, countries and their similarities; primary study focuses on White, African, Hispanic, Latino and Haitian people. Activities also include learning ethnic foods, dance, music genres and more. This club teaches participants how to work on common ground developing social skills through interaction, field trips and recognition. It promotes unity by embracing and understanding one another as Americans. Meets monthly, 1 hour. Ages 5-18.



Promotes EARTH ethics with participants and families from low- moderate income, diverse and underserved communities. Participants are engaged in fun-learning assignments and special activities dealing with Healthy Home Practices & Safety, Saving Florida’s Everglades, Environmental Sciences, Water & Energy Conservation and the 3R-R-Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle); occasional guest speaker and numerous field trips. Meets monthly, 1 hour. Ages 5-18.


Drug Elimination Squad

Teaches partakers on the dangers of using, selling and/or trafficking drugs and the ramifications of engaging in this type of life-style. Primary focus areas are marijuana, cocaine, heroin and date drugs. As preventive measures, youth have opportunities to intermingle with local police officers, drug enforcement agents and probation officers. Club assignments include identification of various drugs/area danger zones, videos, rap sessions and writing. Meets monthly, 1 hour. Ages 5-18.