Mission and Goals


Sowing Seeds into the Lives of Young People, just as a plant rooted in solid soil will grow strong and provide sustaining life for a life time; this too applies to Sweet Vine Incorporated. Our purpose is to address the socioeconomic needs of disadvantaged communities, families and children; provide opportunities for partakers by connecting them with quality services/programs promoting self-efficacy and excellence.

Engage innovative and enriching approaches aimed at building strong foundations, educating, fine-tuning, influencing and motivating each participant to become critical thinkers and self-confident/leaders within their perspective communities, school and country OR wherever they may thrive the world.

Teach participants the importance of working across cultures promoting unity and ethnic harmony establishing common knowledge as a platform of learning to understand and respect one another. To involve participants in social-exposure activities encompassing different worlds, career visions, sports, art forms, sciences beyond their ordinary environments.

More importantly, instill the values of perseverance, education, and manners necessary to achieve their potential to become a productive citizen in society.