Our Programs

Making an Early Start Climbing the Chart (MESC²)

Sweet Vine Making an Early Start Climbing the Chart (MESC²) mission is to involve a diverse group of 21st century learners in a rigorous academic curriculum promoting high standards for achievement to live successful, law abiding lives. Primary objectives are engaging age-appropriate activities, differentiated instruction, integrated evidenced based program models, computerized reading/math curricula and STEAM activities to attain maximum results that will boost their performance in school, community and beyond. Summer learning serves as a continuum to assure the continuity of learning gains and/or supports necessary after school closes. Sweet Vine goals include introduction of a rich array of age-fitting educational resources, technology and materials that allow learners to explore, stimulate critical thinking and build confidence.

Sweet Vine Freedom School®

Sweet Vine Freedom School ® – under the auspices of Children’s Defense Fund – is a movement that offers a unique vision of education, rooted in the cultural traditions of literacy, service and advocacy. The instructional approach is aligned with best teaching practices for literacy and youth development. It engages children and young adults around literature and reading, including social action.

Sweet Vine Youth Center

Our goal is to improve the academic performance and decrease negative behaviors among low-income, at-risk youth, ages 5-18. The clients may be failing academically/attend Title I school, dwell in a single parent home and/or live in public housing. Upon entry into program all clients will undergo an intake process with their parent(s), set individual goals, and acknowledge program and center rules.

Environmental Awareness and Education

The purpose of this program is to educate youngsters (Sweet Vine Enviro-Protectors Club) and moderate to low income communities to put into practice the basic environmental principles: to protect EARTH, to save South Florida’s valuable natural resources, and to protect the quality of life by learning factors behind having a healthy community. Primary teachings are on Florida Everglades, Healthy Home Practices, Energy/Water Conservation, Recycling and link residents to MDC-Resources/Regulatory and Economic Resources for additional services related to environmental practices within the county.

Drug & Cultural Awareness

Drug Free Communities focuses on the keeping Sweet Vine participants away from drugs and maintaining a healthy mind & body. Cultural awareness engage participants in monthly age-appropriate group projects to gain a better understanding about different ethnic groups, government, countries/continents, citizen rights, origination of music genres, and famous persons of color. These project-based learning activities are comprised of recognizes cultural celebrations, history and contributions to humanity.

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